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Stop Stressing, Struggling and Putting Out Fires

You’ve decided it’s time to look for a new cleaning company. Sure the current cleaners you hired probably started perfect. But no one warned you about the constant problems that would keep arising week after week!

If this feels somewhat familiar, it’s because In this day and age there is a constant problem in the cleaning industry that strata committees are not seeing!!

Your current cleaning company has most certainly started to sub-contract the job to cleaners who work for below minimum wage ( $15-18 an Hour). With barrier to entry being so low these sub-contractors are now the new cleaners for your building Who are they? No official training, No onboarding, No insurance, This is not the professional cleaning company you hired? We understand your frustration

Managing a strata building is not simple, from juggling administrative duties to handling communication with tenants, the last thing you want to worry about is the cleaning or lack thereof.

It takes about 1/2 second for visitors to make a complaint about the maintenance of the building so hiring a cleaning service who sticks to their promises is very important.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve been hired by some of the most trusted companies in Sydney to maintain and provide a professional cleaning solution.

Commercial Cleaning
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And there is ONE major thing those companies have in common when it came to the needs of reliable strata services. They looked for a company WHO
We are looking for clients that care about their buildings, clients who take regular cleaning and infection control seriously,companies who look to hire an Australian owned family business.
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If you’d like to see how Cleaneroo Commercial Services will work for your building, we recommend you request a 15 Minute Site Walkthrough. During our 15 Minute Site Walkthrough we will learn about your specific needs and determine if we can help you and we’re a great fit to work together. If we are not a great fit to work together, we will politely let you know and point you in the right direction. If we are a great fit to work together, we will provide you a customised solution and quote to propose to the owners committee. There is no charge and you will not be hard sold anything (in fact, there is nothing to buy so you can put your credit card away), but you must meet our strict, but reasonable criteria:
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Who Are We?

Cleaneroo, is a family-owned Sydney Strata Cleaning company with a team of 25 committed cleaning professionals, trained and led by myself, Raffaele Deflorio, an experienced cleaner, hands-on professional with a proven track record of satisfied, long term clients.
We specialise in strata and body corporate cleaning.

What Your Strata Building- Body Corporate Will Receive

House cleaning services in Washington DC & DMV area@2x

Is your strata complex in need of professional cleaning? Cleaneroo specialises in offering an excellent range of strata cleaning services in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Our highly experienced team are committed to delivering cleaning with attention to detail that gives the finest results, providing strata cleaning to commercial and residential complexes, focusing on leaving the best first impressions on owners and tenants.

The presentation of common areas creates the first impression of your body corporate complex.

For us, professional body corporate cleaning is more than just a regular service. We’re known for paying attention to the details other cleaners miss, servicing more than 100 happy clients across New South Wales.

Servicing Sydney for over 13 years’, Cleaneroo cleaners are dedicated to offering premium packages which will keep your unit block or multi-level high rise immaculate and pristine. At Cleaneroo, we pride ourselves on delivering beneficial and amazing results to ensure all our corporate clients have the maintenance they need.

Our strata cleaners are experienced industry professionals in corporate cleaning services. We listen to our clients and are driven to deliver premium results. As a family business, we hold ourselves accountable to one another and you.

You deserve flawless results, which is why we pride ourselves on our exemplary attention to detail. Items that tend to be overlooked in strata cleaning include skirting boards, stairwells, ventilation grates, light covers, cobwebs, architraves and loose-leaf litter.

What is the Cleaneroo difference?

The difference when you choose our company is the personal touch that you’ll receive. We like to work with you to tailor a cleaning solution that is suited to your hours and budget, and we’ll proactively suggest any changes that could save you money when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning.


Why Our Clients Choose To Work With Cleaneroo

Systems & Procedures

Our proven systems and procedures tailored for the quality control and consistency of cleaning and maintaining a strata building.

Cost Effective

Tell us your needs and we can work with your budget to provide and maintain the highest level of quality consistantly, at the lowest practical cost.

100% Guarantee

Cleaneroo is committed to the continual improvement of services that we provide to meet our customers’ needs. We provide a 100% Guarantee on all our work.

Sydney Strata Cleaning FAQ

Strata cleaning refers to the specialised cleaning services provided for strata-titled properties, ensuring common areas like hallways, lobbies, and gardens are well-maintained.

Unlike regular cleaning, strata cleaning focuses on communal areas in multi-residential buildings or complexes, ensuring they meet the standards set by the strata management.

To secure strata cleaning contracts, one should approach strata management companies, showcase expertise, provide competitive quotes, and maintain a strong track record of quality service.

Strata cleaning covers a range of services including common area cleaning, garden maintenance, window cleaning, and sometimes minor repairs or maintenance tasks.

Typically, strata are responsible for cleaning windows in common areas, but individual unit window cleaning might be the responsibility of the unit owner. Beyond our strata cleaning expertise, we’re proud to offer commercial disinfection cleaning to keep your premises safe and germ-free.

Strata cleaning prices are based on the size of the property, the frequency of cleaning, specific services required, and any additional tasks or special requests.

We take great pride in our cleaning service so that your tenants and owners feel comfortable with their building. After all, happy residents mean less angry emails for you.

Please find below our stata cleaning sydney task.

  • Lifts – mirrors, stainless steel and the floor
  • Foyers
  • Signs
  • Gardening
  • Reception
  • Hallways
  • Walls
  • Carpets/Hardfloors
  • Toilets
  • Underground Carpark sweep
  • Fire stairs/ Corridors
  • Cleaning of Bins
  • Bins to Curb Service

When hiring a strata cleaning company, consider their experience, reviews, range of services offered, and their adherence to safety and quality standards.

Regular strata cleaning ensures a clean and hygienic environment for residents, enhances the property’s aesthetic appeal, and can even increase property value by maintaining its condition.

If you have any other questions regarding our services please feel free to get in touch and let our friendly management handle your queries.

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