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Keeping a fitness centre clean and spotless requires much more than a vacuum, dust and wipe. The aesthetics of your business have to match the aesthetics of your clients and keeping your place of business healthy and clean is critical. we know gyms really well from equipment sanitisation, to mould removal in showers, to restocking of supplies. Health centres and gyms are used to promote health and fitness but a poorly cleaned gym will result in just the opposite.

Cleaneroo teams are trained and educated in Communicable Disease and the right products and procedures to not only assure you of a gym you can proud of visually, but one you know, is a truly clean, safe environment for all to enjoy your facility.


Enhancing Your Fitness Journey with Impeccable Cleanliness

Achieve Your Fitness Goals in a Pristine Environment

Embark on your fitness journey with the confidence that comes from training in a meticulously maintained space. At Cleaneroo Commercial, we pride ourselves on fostering a fun environment that’s as spotless as it is spirited. Our professional cleaners are committed to ensuring that every corner of your gym complements your fitness goals, providing a refreshing backdrop to every workout session.

Dedicated Cleaning Team for Your Commercial Needs

Our cleaning team, equipped with eco-friendly cleaning products, is the heartbeat of our comprehensive cleaning services. Each member of our integrated team is a specialist in transforming commercial spaces into showcases of hygiene and cleanliness. Trust in our cleaning industry experience to deliver high-quality cleaning services that align seamlessly with your gym’s cleaning requirements.

Tailored Cleaning Solutions for Every Space

We understand that each fitness centre has its unique charm and challenges. That’s why we offer customised cleaning solutions designed to cater to the particularities of your space. Whether it’s daily floor cleaning or tackling those high-traffic areas, our experienced cleaners handle your domestic duties with excellent care and at competitive prices.

Eco-Friendly Practices for a Sustainable Clean

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our choice of eco-friendly cleaning products. Engage our Environmental Services for a cleaning process that not only leaves your space spotless but also preserves the planet. With Cleaneroo Commercial, a clean environment doesn’t come at the expense of the earth.

Hassle-Free Commercial Cleaning Service at Affordable Rates

Experience the ease of our Hassle-Free Commercial Cleaning Service. From the initial walkthrough to the final inspection, enjoy smooth, seamless communication with our office cleaners, ensuring your commercial cleaning requirements are met without a hitch. And with our affordable rates, you can achieve the immaculate gym space you envision without stretching your budget.

A Fresh Start to Every Day

Begin each day on a fresh note with Cleaneroo Commercial’s daily cleaning services. Our dedicated cleaning team ensures that every morning starts with a pristine environment, so your members can focus solely on their fitness goals. With our daily basis commitment, your gym will always be in top form, ready for the day’s challenges.

The Cleaneroo Promise: A Commitment to Excellence

Choose Cleaneroo Commercial for a commercial cleaning company that aligns with your ethos of excellence and well-being. As your commercial cleaning service provider, we promise a clean, hygienic environment where health and fitness flourish. Our cleaning operations are a testament to our promise, ensuring that every visit from our team contributes positively to your members’ fitness journey.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Most businesses will be lucky to keep the same Cleaners in their building for longer than 6 months, Cleaneroo solves this by recruiting owner operated cleaning teams who build lifetime clients, which in turn gives businesses a service they can rely on.

Cleaneroo Competitive Pricing From $93 Per Visit.

If You Qualify For Our Small to Medium Business Pricing You Will Receive The Best Market Rates. Dont Overpay For Cleaning Thats Not Getting Done, Our Prices Start From $93 Per Visit

Owner Operator Cleaning Teams

Our Franchisees Clean Because They Love To Clean Not Because It’s a Job- Hint That’s The True Secret To Consistent Quality

Hassle Free Direct Communication

Have direct communication with your Cleaners So nothing slips through the cracks

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Frequently asked questions

Professional gym cleaning ensures a healthy, safe environment, promoting member retention and maintaining the aesthetics of the fitness facility.

Gym equipment should be sanitised regularly, ideally after each use, to prevent the spread of germs and ensure user safety.

Mould removal in gym showers is vital to prevent health risks and maintain a clean, hygienic environment for members.

A poorly cleaned gym can lead to the spread of communicable diseases and counteract the health benefits that gyms are meant to offer.

It’s essential to use products specifically designed for communicable disease prevention, ensuring a truly clean and safe gym environment. For those plush carpets in your gym’s lounge or reception, we recommend our carpet cleaning services to give them a deep and thorough clean.

Cleaneroo teams are trained in Communicable Disease prevention, using the right products and procedures to provide a visually appealing and safe gym environment.

Cleaneroo offers competitive pricing for gym cleaning, with rates starting from $93 per visit, depending on the size and requirements of the facility.

Cleaneroo promotes hassle-free direct communication with cleaners to ensure that no cleaning details are overlooked.

Cleaneroo’s process involves booking a walkthrough, receiving a quote, and then enjoying a clean gym environment.

Regular restocking ensures that cleaning processes are not interrupted, maintaining a consistent level of cleanliness and hygiene in the gym.


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