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We just needed a cleaning service our business could rely on. Since going with Cleaneroo they have made it easy to keep our office clean and germ free. Tracy Petersan - Client

To help Increase staff retention & create a clean, healthy workplace you need to hire a professional cleaning company  

But There’s a Problem…

Most Cleaning Companies Will Let You Down… 


They Keep Changing Cleaners without you knowing!!

Big Security Issue and Quality will never be consistent.


They Start Great, Then Quality Drops Real Quick

The nature of cleaning allows for alot of shortcuts, do you have a company who has systems to prevent this?


They Never Respond Professionally To Feedback

You need direct communication with the action taker (The cleaners) not the suit (Supervisor) in the office


They Charge You For Cleaning That Was Never Done!!

Why should you keep paying for a service that isn’t getting properly in the first place

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Most businesses will be lucky to keep the same cleaners in their building for longer than 6 months, Cleaneroo solves this by recruiting owner operated cleaning teams whose main focus is to build lifetime clients, which in turn gives businesses a service they can rely on.

Cleaneroo Competitive Pricing From $93

If You Qualify For Our Small to Medium Business Pricing You Will Receive The Best Market Rates. Dont Overpay For Cleaning Thats Not Getting Done, Our Prices Start From $93 Per Visit

Owner Operator Cleaners

Our Franchisees Clean Because They Love To Clean Not Because It’s a Job- Hint That’s The True Secret To Consistent Quality

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Have direct communication with your Cleaners So nothing slips through the cracks

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The process is so easy, we needed good cleaners for our office and we needed it fast. No headaches and no fuss good quality cleaning.

Lachlan Dju – Client

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