The Cleaneroo Story

Most Businesses Just Want a Reliable,Trustworthy Cleaning Company, Who Gives A Fair and Honest Price. 

But There’s a Problem…

The Industry Has Been Corrupted


7.5/10 Commercial Cleaning Companies Underpay Their Cleaners

The people in your building are getting paid well below Fair Work Australia Award Rates


Sham Contracting ( Subcontracting) In Your Building

If you’ve ever wondered why the cleaners seem to change every couple months or dont know who comes in to clean your office, chances are your office cleaning has been subcontracted out to another company.


No Training

Odds are your “professional commercial cleaners have received a big 20 mins  of training. That “training” consisted of how to use a vacuum, “that spray’s for the desks, “that spray’s to clean toilets” and “don’t forget to mop the floors before you leave”.


Pricing Reflects Quality

If you’ve ever wondered why the cheapest service gave you the most problems its becuase most companies simply dont care if they are not profiting on a building. That leads to why cleaning companies are subcontracting out work and underpaying and skipping on training.

It Shouldn’t Be This Way

‘Meet Raffaele De Florio and his partner Cassandra, a young Sydney couple who took the risk of using their house deposit savings and tried their luck with starting their own commercial cleaning business. Cleaneroo. The business rose to success during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With Cassandra being a Registered Nurse and Raffaele’s beginnings in Real estate, They would be the first to say owning a cleaning business wasn’t in their dreams. It all got serious when Raffaele had to leave his full time job to start meeting the demands of local Sydney businesses who were taking to the Cleaneroo system.

Business was booming and Raffaele could no longer do all the cleaning himself but he had experienced what most cleaning business owners experience and that’s a shortage of staff who were willing to stay in the role for longer than 6-9 months.

He quickly saw the patterns of the industry and the only solution that most were using was to subcontract the cleaning out to other companies but therefore substituting quality for


While searching for a solution he knew saw a gap in the market that would catapult his business over the competitors , He knew the other companies were not training their cleaners, He knew they were taking the easy route and subcontracting, He knew they were low balling and not paying award rates but he didn’t have answer for keeping good staff as the nature of cleaning often was a job for students or people in town for a short period.

That’s when his partner Cassandra came up with the idea of developing a franchise model that attracted the same type of everyday Australians as them. Who once invested into their own business opportunity to earn more income for their mortgage.

See when its your own business and you have skin in the game your number one priority is keeping that client happy – Raffaele said

and you want to keep that client happy for life.

Cleaneroo Franchise owners would provide a solution where they could train and mentor a selected few who would look at the opportunity as an investment, a service they can earn and bank on for the long term. Teach them so they understand that cleaning isn’t just about desks, tables, bins and floors. It’s first and foremost about people and solving problems.