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We are a family owned Northern Beaches company with around 25 dedicated staff, trained and led by myself, Raffaele Deflorio, an experienced commercial cleaner, hands on industry professional with a proven track record of satisfied, long term clients. We specialize in office cleaning , construction cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning.




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The difference when you choose our company is the personal touch that you’ll receive. We like to work with you to tailor a cleaning solution that is suited to your hours and budget, and we’ll pro-actively suggest any changes that could save you money when it comes to commercial cleaning and maintenance.

We go out of our way to build and develop a relationship with our clients so that they feel completely comfortable with our service at all times. Our systems are what sets us apart from the competition by using the latest software and technology we report to you on your time. Our cleaning process is upheld to the highest quality assurance standards. This results in our customers receiving a complete cleaning service at a fair competitive rate.

We will not participate in the “race to the bottom” of cleaning services who engage in dodgy business practices by providing unrealistically low quotes, then outsourcing the work to contractors, which leads to unsatisfactory results for you and your business.

Our mission is to be the a breath of fresh air in the cleaning industry and it all starts with great management and quality customer service and of course great quality cleaning.

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